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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

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Lawn fertilizer and weed control programs in Bloomington-Normal, IL area.

Mowing your lawn consistently may keep it looking trim and organized; however, it is not enough to keep your lawn green and healthy. The lawns in Bloomington, Normal, and Lake Bloomington, IL need regulated nourishment to keep it in top shape, which includes sunlight, water, and fertilization.

Fertilizing your lawn is a science that our professionals have perfected. We know the right kind of fertilizer your lawn needs, when to apply it, and how much of it is needed based on your specific grass and soil. Using this information, we make a determination on the amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus that is needed for your specific mix of fertilizer for proper fertilization and weed control.

Lawn fertilizers for customers in Normal, IL.

The best times for fertilizer applications in Illinois.

Following a regimented schedule, we will make sure your lawn is lush, green, and vibrant until winter takes over in November/December when the grass goes dormant. There are four major time periods that we fertilize in the Bloomington-Normal area:

  • Spring - Pre-emergent fertilizer and crabgrass control are released.
  • Early Summer - Fertilizer with a post-emergent weed control is applied.
  • Summer - The third application includes both insecticide and grub control
  • Fall - During this time a post-emergent fertilizer is used with a slow release of granular fertilizer and winterizer used before the first frost

We highly suggest winterizing your lawn with a high potassium fertilizer to protect your lawn from drying out and cracking. This will help your grass recover quickly after winter, leaving the next season to start fresh and ready for the next fertilization cycle!

Lawn in Bloomington, IL that uses our fertilization and weed control program.

Schedule your fertilization service for the entire year!

Don't miss out on being part of our residential fertilization & weed control route! Sign up at the beginning of the year to ensure your fertilizer service is delivered on the proper schedule. If you're located in the Bloomington-Normal area, reach out to us at (309) 585-3571 to get your free estimate and start annual fertilization services.