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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

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Bio-Based Fertilizer and Weed Control in Bloomington-Normal, IL area.

We are committed to providing you the beautiful lawn you want, but we are also committed to doing it the right way with a bio-based fertilization and weed control program.  Our commitment goes deeper than just the best-looking lawn on the block.  We want to provide you the best results while being conscious of the impact these products can have on the environment. 

We believe that creating the healthiest lawns in Bloomington, Normal, and Lake Bloomington, IL  starts with healthy soil.  By treating the fertility of the soil, it creates a nutrient-rich foundation that supports and feeds the roots of the turf.  Healthy, strong roots will in turn generate a thicker, greener lawn.  And it is all done with less harmful chemicals to the environment.   

Lawn fertilizers for customers in Normal, IL.

Our approach makes a difference! 

The lawns in Bloomington-Normal area need regulated nourishment to keep it in top shape, which includes sunlight, water, and fertilization.  Water is one of our nation’s most valuable resources. By treating the soil and supporting natural fertility, the soil’s water infiltration, percolation, and holding capacity is improved.  This results in a significant reduction of storm-water runoff and an increase in plant available water, which leads to a decreased need for supplemental irrigation. Overall adding to our positive impact on water quality and conservation. 

In addition, we guard against using products that can harm the valuable eco-system within your yard.  Invertebrates, such as earthworms, bees and spiders, are often killed by the use of some weed control products.  While we may think of some insects as a nuisance, we must remember that they are an integral piece of the eco-system as well. 

Our approach makes a visible difference to you, but a lasting difference to the environment. 

Lawn in Bloomington, IL that uses our fertilization and weed control program.

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